A great story of passion,
quality and sport

On April 19, 1983 in Bindo, a fraction of the municipality of Cortenova, in Valsassina, in the industrious province of Lecco, the MOTO spa was born from the passion of a small but aggressive group of industrialists. To unite them the passion for two wheels, freedom, trial and off road. And so it was that, with the pragmatism and resourcefulness typical of the Lombard entrepreneurs, the simple but contagious sporting enthusiasm turned into a real business, first commercial, then also productive and competitive.

The first commitment was the importation, exclusively for Italy, of the famous trial models produced by the Spanish company Montesa. A few years later, in 1988, the turning point: Honda Italia Industriale S.p.A. and Moto S.p.A. announce that they have reached an agreement for the distribution in Italy of the famous Japanese cross bikes.

Moto Spa stands out immediately for its dynamism and ability to enter the markets quickly reaching important results.

The steady growth of sales results is accompanied by the sporting successes that bring HM (the acronym under which Moto spa was universally known in the meantime) to win 12 laurels worldwide. The Moto spa, attentive to sports and market needs, successfully develops its own ENDURO and SUPERMOTARD models which for years constitute the reference point in the respective categories.

Under the aegis of HM they became world champions Trampas Parker (motocross 1991), Tullio Pellegrinelli (enduro 1992), Alex Puzar (motocross 1993), Fausto Scovolo (enduro 1996) and Stefan Merriman (enduro 2003), Mika Ahola (enduro 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011), Jèrèmy Joly (enduro 2011) and Alex Salvini (enduro 2013). Twelve world titles in over thirty five years of activity. Extraordinary also the palmares including Italian, continental champions and countless titles won in various specialties.

However, Moto spa was not satisfied with “adult” motorcycles.

Having sensed the potential of the sector, he has also developed a series of mopeds for the youngest, awakening, before everyone else, the interest in “high wheels”.

The range of 50 cc. – today produced by VENT srl – has represented and continues to represent a qualitative reference for the category.

Owning a BAJA, a BAJA RR, a DERAPAGE or a DERAPAGE RR is a recurring dream for every fourteen-year-old who chooses the freedom of the two wheels to move or start practicing motor sport.

After a quarter of a century the historic collaboration with Honda, soon after began the relationship with Yamaha Motor Europe for the transformation of WR bikes in versions approved for circulation in the European Community.

From October 2017 to Moto spa took over the VENT srl which operates in the modern plant of Introbio (about 6,000 square meters divided on 4 levels including 1,500 square meters of warehouse production, 1,500 square meters dedicated to production lines, 1,000 square meters of warehouse shipments, 500 square meters of spare parts warehouse, 800 square meters dedicated to offices with an interactive area dedicated to dealers and 500 square meters for research and development).

In short, the tradition continues, even if under another name, with the same professionalism, with the same experience and, above all, with the same passion.

The strategic goal of VENT is to develop the technical, knowledge and values ​​that Moto spa has been able to build in over thirty years of activity, continuing the production of the 50cc and 125 cc models that have made HM famous, expanding its horizon operating towards innovative sectors in the two-wheel world.

The HM legacy, to conclude, is certainly in good hands and new goals and new horizons are looming on the horizon while you already feel breathing a new …VENT!