23 Apr 2020

Dear Friends,
We are all aware of the difficulties of this moment but, despite the restrictions due to the regional and ministerial decrees that have followed during these weeks, in VENT we are still working for the future.
Yes, because soon the engines will start again more powerful than before, as well as the desire to get on a bike and enjoy the sensations that this bike gives again.
In fact, we have often said to ourselves in these years that we “sell dreams” as well as “instruments of freedom”. This last concept is well interpreted by the hashtag #libericonvent that follows us since the beginning of our adventure.
Well, we want to believe that in these weeks dreams have multiplied, as well as the desire for freedom. Many other initiatives and ideas are on the agenda. We will keep you updated as soon as this condition allows us to get back in the saddle and give gas.
We want to send you a greeting on behalf of the entire VENT Team, certain that very soon we will be back to doing what is in our DNA: making dreams come true and creating emotions.

Photo credit: Scooter&bikexpress