We had a particularly difficult year…

22 Dec 2020

We had a particularly difficult year in which we were challenged by an imponderable event that never happened. And it has been a year for us filled with other challenges that we have largely overcome. We’ve always looked forward while keeping a steady course even in the moments when it all seemed like it would end, or not begin again.

We have shared a year of worries and strong emotions.

But we have been able to dream, wish and wait for the time to come when we could regain the freedom that was taken away from us. And one of these freedoms was to get back on a motorcycle or, as has happened to many of our young customers, to ride one for the first time.

The two wheels that take us to school, to soccer, to dance, to the pool, with friends. The two wheels that help us maintain that distance that makes for a more peaceful life. The two wheels that make us have fun, that make us enjoy the “wind in our face”, that wind that we have missed so much in the past months.

It was the year in which we decided to give life to our new payoff “Mechanics of Emotions”. Because we create dreams, we make emotions vibrate, we make wishes come true.

In wishing you a happy holiday season, with the hope that it will fill you, your families and all your collaborators with serenity, we thank you for being a fundamental part of the most important and difficult victory of recent years.

We look forward to a 2021 full of many new things…on two wheels. We are ready!

Merry Christmas.