VENT presents several innovations at EICMA 2019, including an absolute preview!

05 Nov 2019

The history of VENT is recent. In fact, in October 2017 the company acquired technical knowledge and value assets of HM MOTO, with the aim of continuing the production of 50cc and 125cc motorcycles in the off-road segment but expanding its horizon towards innovative sectors in the world of two-wheels.

EICMA 2019 marks an important new step forward for VENT, which today operates in its modern plant, in Valsassinaa valley in the Alps of Lombardy, northern Italy, within the Provence of Lecco – (about 6,000 square meters divided over 4 levels comprising 1,500 sqm. of production warehouse, 1,500 sqm. dedicated to production lines, 1,000 sqm. warehouse shipments, 500 sqm. spare parts warehouse, 800 sqm. dedicated to offices with an interactive area for dealers and 500 sqm. for research and development), producing its own 2 and 4-stroke motorcycle range, dedicated to the youngest.

In addition to the technical and stylistic innovations planned for the 2020 models, VENT unveils, as an absolute preview, a revolutionary concept that marks its official debut in the world of e-bikes. A sign of modernity and a far-sighted vision towards a constantly evolving market, also accompanied by the introduction of the new logo, already part of the Brand Identity.

The DNA racing does not lie and is handed down with ever-increasing enthusiasm in the activities of VENT, which has decided to focus on young riders who aspire to approach sporting activity with the technical support of a motorcycle manufacturer. In evidence for the next season, the 2nd edition of the 85cc Derapage Trophy – organized in conjunction with the Polini Italian Cup -, in addition to the Italian MiniEnduro, Under 23 and Cadet 50 Championships. We recall that VENT, with the young rider Daniele Del Bono, has recently won the Italian Cadet 50 Championship.